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Recently I stumbled upon a website called “Google Alerts”, it allows you to find someone’s name by their email address and use it as a means to find more info about them such as what they are doing at the time of the search, when they last updated on the social networks, etc. It was such an easy way to find more info on someone that I started searching around to see if there were any other websites that offered these types of Google tools. What I discovered were several sites that had very basic info like a person’s name or location but nothing else. They only gave you their email address and the name of the person and where they lived. Learn more here on site.

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About Unique Identifiers & Cookies

After a bit of searching I came across a new service that claimed to let me see more here. I have to admit I was hesitant to sign up for it until I figured out how Google Alerts and the other sites that I had been seeing all along worked. The services all basically work by utilizing the same set of resources (Google, YouTube, etc.) so all of the companies were using the same set of information. The way they all work is all done through the use of “unique identifiers” which are small pieces of data that identifies your computer each time you use one of the services.

This information is captured from your internet browser and it is then sent to Google, YouTube, and the other social networks where you have signed up for updates. In short, the companies are tracking how you use their services, what types of content you are viewing and what you are signing up for (such as a YouTube or a Google Alert). This information is then sent back to the parent company so that they can customize and manage their websites with the data that you have given them.

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