Amazon Product Photography

One of the many types of photography out there is Amazon Product Photography. It is a great way to use photography to promote your product, increase traffic, and sell your products. For this article, we will be using Amazon’s digital camera and their lens mount adapter to provide images from our photoshoots. Keep in mind, all of these images are copyright by the photographer and all used with permission. This link –

The Secret to Digital Camera Success Revealed!

There are many ways you can use the images you create from Amazon product photography. If you have multiple cameras on your person at all times, you can take your camera’s auto-focus and exposure settings, apply them to different cameras, and take multiple shots with each one at a different focus, aperture, and light level. This will add variation and produce some really unique images. The first thing you need to do is set up your white background. Use the sizing wheel to determine the size and placement of your background so that everything is uniform and the same size in the shot (towards the middle of the image, near the top and bottom or towards the background).

Once you have your white background established, go ahead and take your product photos. You can switch between different cameras, take a few different shots, and repeat the process as needed until you have everything on auto-focus. The second part of setting up your Amazon product photography process is to take a few still shots, usually around five, and then edit the picture to your taste. You can crop the image, move it, change the background, add text, and get started on your lifestyle photography page!

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