Looking for Gyms Penrith

The town of Pensacola Beach has just announced that it will be hosting a “World Gym” in the month of October. This is according to the Pensacola News-Miner, which is based out of Pensacola, Florida. A news-meal writer for the paper, David Shafer, who live in California, and covers local news, say that he’ll be “keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings,” which include, among others, “a contest to build the biggest and strongest ab machine.” He further states that the gym won’t be open just for the month of October, but the “new thing” will most likely debut sometime in the first or second quarter of 2021.


It isn’t certain whether this “new thing” will be a scaled down version of existing Miami Beach gyms, or if it will be a completely brand new gym altogether. No one’s quite sure how many gyms there are in all of Pensacola, or how many people the town’s residents call “fans.” Though no details have been released, the News-Miner speculates that the number of gyms around the county is “well into the hundreds,” with “a handful” of them located in Pensacola itself. The company further states that the Gyms Penrith won’t be opening until at least January of 2021, giving you all of June to look forward to visiting one of the new gyms if you weren’t already planning to.


There’s still no word on whether the Miami Beach Amphitheater will be included in the new Pensacola beach gyms, but it should be no problem, since the amphitheater has been used for weddings and other events on and off for years. No word yet on when the remodel of the old Pensacola High School gym will take place, either. Pensacola Beach is a small market town, so anything that adds to its attractiveness and value is welcomed by the residents, who voted in the town to spend money on improving what they already had to begin with. No word on whether the new gym will be located at the site where the old arena used to be, or if the two places will be combined into one, or if it will be new construction all together.

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